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Socium means “partner” in Latin. At Socium Consultancy, we partner our clients by offering outsourced strategic communication solutions as a Corporate Communication-as-a-Service (CCaaS) provider.

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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is a new concept for SMEs looking to amplify their brand name through communications. Public relations is passe, and strategic communications is here to stay. Our corporate communication services are crafted in a modular style, you pick the corporate communication services you need and let us support you while you focus on setting business directions.

Corporate Communication-as-a-Service

Corporate Communication-as-a-Service (CCaaS) means we are your communication department — covering internal and public communications. While you pay for one dedicated staff, you get the services, skills, and experience of a team. 

Communication and Digitalisation Consultancy

From crisis communication training, red teaming, and strategic communication consult, we prepare you for rainy days. And when you decide to grow your business in the digital or global scenes, we'll be supporting you.

Creative Design and Editorial Consultancy

Creative ideation, graphic designs, copyediting, copywriting, editorial consultancy, and proposal writing services are part of what our creative and editorial team offers.


Global, market, or academic research — our team of researchers work with educational institutes and research consultants to bring you the intelligence you need for your business.

Business Strategies

We connect the dots to help you with your business growth. We analyse the business landscape and create synergies for your business by matching you to the right resources and people.

Media Management

From press releases, event publicity, media training, to producing press collaterals, we've got these covered for you. Our consultants from both practice and academia can provide you the advice, strategies, and education you need.



What Makes Us Special

Knowledge and Experience

With almost two decades dabbling in leadership and management, consultancy, communications, academia, training and entrepreneurship, we found a sweet spot and interest — helping fellow businesses grow.

Creating Space for Growth

We create the space for your business growth. We are part of your company when we create this space. Through business strategies, documentation, internal handbooks, digitisation of processes, we explore whatever benefits your business because we are part of your team.

Earning Reputation

Earned reputation outlasts adversities — earn your business reputation through strategic communications. Socium is your partner to build the reputation you need in your industry.


Who We Work With