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As strategic communicators, we enjoy stories. We are selective of the stories we tell, and we help bring across the messages and stories for the people and businesses we work with. Because earned media coverage go a longer way, we dive deep to find the most compelling story angles for the people and business we believe in.

Peace Centre Has 4 Free Art Exhibits To See This Oct, Is Just A 5-Min Walk From Bencoolen MRT

Peace Centre near Dhoby Ghaut is an iconic mall most of us have seen - after all, it"s a one-stop hub for printing needs. This month, it"s turned into a magical doorway to 4 worlds. Inside, you"ll be transported to drastically different - but equally aesthetic - places, including a 70s discotheque, a quiet waiting room, and a dark carpark.

13 October 2022


The historic 37 Emerald Hill has been activated with works by renowned photographers

Venture through the halls of the former Singapore Chinese Girls School and look out for an installation in an abandoned pool as part of Singapore International Photography Festival

6 October 2022

新加坡国际摄影节"未知的未来" 九个地点各有看点


29 September 2022

看尽半世纪变迁 建安大厦欲走还留


25 September 2022

新加坡国际摄影节登场 公众可欣赏60多名海内外摄影师作品

疫情放缓后首次举行新加坡国际摄影节 探索大众对建安大厦的回忆 (23/09/22) 由于今年的新加坡国际摄影节是在冠病疫情放缓后举行,因此主办方邀请了来自全球各地的摄影家前来参与活动。上一届的国际摄影节因为疫情,外国摄影家无法参与实体活动。这次的国际摄影节的主题首次围绕在建安大厦,探索众人对这座新加坡最具历史性的购物中心的回忆,并借此带出新加坡在上世纪60 年代和 70 年代的发展。 ...

24 September 2022

时代变迁网购崛起 建安大厦店家们感叹"被淡忘"

随着建大厦安(Peace Centre)与建安公寓(Peace Mansion)组成的综合项目去年12月成功集体售出,这个拥有49年历史的商业中心或被重新发展为新项目。早在建安大厦成立初期就在这里落脚的店家们如何看待大厦的兴衰,对未来又有什么打算? 在建安大厦一楼专卖和修理乐器的Renner ...

24 September 2022



SIPF 2022: Enigmatic and entrancing

SIPF 2022: Enigmatic and entrancing. The 8th edition of Singapore International Photography Festival is one of its best yet.

22 September 2022

Art in odd places and the artists who are breaking urban boundaries

Art in community locations is fast becoming the norm with three new exhibitions in unlikely locations to visit. Read more at

22 September 2022

Removing parks for homes: Is land use in Singapore a case of conflicting needs?

When news broke that ORTO leisure park in Yishun will make way for housing, residents expressed sadness and disappointment. They asked: Why are we building so many flats? Why can"t we keep spaces that matter to a community?

16 September 2022


“Virtual reality will form part of this year’s Singapore International Photography Festival. The event unfolds in a series of special exhibitions at nine sites. CNA spoke to Gwen Lee, the festival’s director, and curator John Tung.”​

16 September 2022​

第8届新加坡国际摄影节 以"未知的未来"为主题

新加坡国际摄影节 (SIPF) 将于9月16日至10月30日举行,今年的主题为"未知的未来"(Future Known as Unpredicted),旨在探讨挖掘蕴含在人类的无限创意,创造通往未来之路。 全球艺术家会受邀展示以使用拍摄镜头为主的媒体艺术和摄影,而此次活动也符合国际摄影节的重点,即对摄影的无限潜力的设想和提升。 ...

10 September 2022

Liu Thai Ker on million-dollar HDB flats, 99-year leases & planning for a 10 million population in S"pore

The growing number of million-dollar HDB flats transacted in recent years is a "surprising" development to former chief city planner Liu Thai Ker. The 84-year-old was speaking at a seminar organised by the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) on Aug. 30, on the topic of rising property prices in Singapore.

10 September 2022


"Architect of modern Singapore" Liu Thai Ker is concerned that public housing prices are "a business venture" rather than solving housing needs -

While the country has one of the highest rates of homeownership around the globe, the high property prices are a cause for concern for Liu Thai Ker, the man behind Singapore"s Housing Development Board otherwise known as "the architect of modern Singapore." Mr Liu expressed his worries in a recently published Bloomberg interview.

24 June 2022



The man who helped create Singapore’s housing boom is getting worried

Liu Thai Ker helped design modern Singapore. Now that property prices have surged, even he is worried.

23 June 2022



(Podcast) The man who helped create Singapore’s housing boom is getting worried

Liu Thai Ker helped design modern Singapore. Now that property prices have surged, even he is worried.

23 June 2022

刘太格:不像服装潮流可随意扔掉 城市建设不可能因疫情说改就改


19 November 2021

Cities will endure, adapt beyond Covid-19 pandemic, say Bloomberg forum panellists

Pandemic should be just one of dozens of factors to consider in planning a city in future. Read more at

18 November 2021

跨国企业及大学生伸援手 各界创建订餐平台助餐饮业者渡难关


29 April 2020

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