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Into the Minds of C-suites

What drives their business strategies and their decision-making process? What are some of the challenges they faced, and what were the opportunities that came out of them? What role does communications take in their plans and what is their impact on the organisation’s success? Last but not least, how do these leaders walk the talk?

Explore these questions at The Suite Spot – Socium’s series of interviews that look into the minds of C-suites.

Gwen Lee | DECK | Socium Suite Spot

Touching Hearts with Photography: An Interview with Gwen Lee

Gwen Lee, Director and Co-Founder of the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) and DECK Photography Art Centre, shares about her career in photography and all ...
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Roy Wang | Socium Consultancy

A Lifetime of Creativity: An Interview with Roy Wang

Roy Wang, Creative Director at FACTORY, shares about his journey in the field of art and design, and how he channels his imaginative energy into ...
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James Kee | Six Four Coffee

From Rotary to Roastery: An Interview with James Kee

James Kee, Director of Six Four Coffee, shares how he went from Rotary to Roastery, as he transforms his passion into a career.
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A Passion-Turned-Career in Copywriting: An Interview with Kenneth Chia

Kenneth Chia, Founder and Lead Copywriter of Pencil Sword, tells us how he transformed his passion for copywriting into a lifelong career.
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Socium Suite Spot - Daniel Liu MORROW

From Finance to Business Development: An Interview with Daniel Liu

Daniel Liu, Business Development Director at MORROW Architects, discusses the importance of strategic communications in this pandemic.
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Caleb Chu | Denarius Consulting | Socium

From Medical Sciences to Business Consulting: An Interview with Caleb Chu

Caleb Chu is the founder and chief executive officer of Denarius Consulting. He tells Socium how he does it.
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Kelvin Chua Wei Ming | Klick Culture | Red Butt Co | Socium Suite Spot

The Purpose-driven Go-getter: An Interview with Kelvin Chua

Kelvin believes in communicating emotions through his lens. He tells Socium how he does it.
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Suite Spot | An interview with DrJack Hong

The AI Evangelist: An Interview with Jack Hong

Dr Jack Hong wants to use artificial intelligence to transform organisations. He tells Socium how he is doing it.
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Jack Hong, Data Science advisor to Vertex Holdings and AI advisor to Certis Group’s Centre for Applied Intelligence

Jack Hong wants to use artificial intelligence to transform organisations. He tells Socium how he is doing it.

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