Socium Thoughts | Can You "See" What I'm Saying?

Can You “See” What I’m Saying?

When it comes to communications, is it text that rules it all, or do visuals play an equally important role?

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Why Does Video Content Work For Businesses?

The average attention span of a human is shorter than what it used to be, or that it is shorter than that of a goldfish’s. …

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Socium Thoughts | Think Creatively – How?

“Think Creatively” – How?

What does it mean to be creative? Can it be learned?

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Quality Translation Makes A Difference In Your Business

Companies attempting to expand internationally often tap on translation as the power tool to communicate with different stakeholders. But are they doing it right?

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Branding brand identity | Socium

Debunking Branding Myths

Beyond the traditional notion of deciding on one’s logo and name, branding as a strategy involves a wide range of considerations and processes that construct …

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Social media impressions engagement | Socium

Impressions, Reach or Engagement on Social Media — which is more important?

Impressions, reach and engagement — the three common terms every digital marketer knows too well. Understanding the mechanics of every metric is important for marketers and business owners to optimise their digital marketing strategies.

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