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Socium Thoughts - Mind Your (Corporate Language) - Choose Your Words

Mind Your (Corporate) Language

In business, your corporate message informs your target audience of your organisation’s vision, mission and values.

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Writing a press release and finding a good angle

Finding The Right Angle

Capture the attention of the media and readers with the best angle for your press release.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of (Mis)Communication

Here are some of the deadly sins you may have been unconsciously committing while communicating.

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Augmenting the Reality in Branding

Optimise the digital transformation of brands and branding through augmented reality (AR) to improve customer interaction and boost business revenue.

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Socium Thoughts | Can You "See" What I'm Saying?

Can You “See” What I’m Saying?

When it comes to communications, is it text that rules it all, or do visuals play an equally important role?

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Why Does Video Content Work For Businesses?

Summary. Humans are naturally attracted to sounds and visuals, which is why video content seems to work best for most businesses. The average attention span …

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